SharePoint Web Part - SPS Quick Launch Web Part

SPS Quick Launch Web Part

Here presents SPS Quick Launch web part, which allows user to show any list or library from any site or sub site or any site collection from the current tenant. With this web part, the user can show only specific list from any site. User permission will be maintained by SharePoint itself.

This is a very useful web part for any site where user wants to see all important lists or libraries or both at one place without any issue. Only should have permission on the list or library which he wants to see in SPS Quick Launch web part.

SPS Quick Launch Web Part is not responsive & but usage SharePoint theme for it's coloring.

This web part support SharePoint theme. Currently this web part is for SharePoint Online version only.


Supported Hosts :

  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Full Page
  • Teams Tab

Installation of App :-

  1. Click here to download the sps-quick-launch.sppkg.
  2. Visit the Microsoft 365 SharePoint Admin Center
  3. Go to Apps -> App Catalog. If you don't have app catalog, here are the instructions for creating one.

    If you have Site Collection level App Catalog, just to to Apps for SharePoint from your site collection.
  4. Click 'Upload' and select sps-quick-launch.sppkg file to upload.

  5. Check the box for Make this solution available to all sites in the organization and click the Deploy button.

  6. A successful installation will look like this:

  7. if you receive an App Package Error Message stating, "Deployment failed," as shown here, simply delete the .sppkg file and repeat steps 4 and 5 to redeploy.
  8. Now go to the site where you want this tool. Just create a new page or edit existing page and add a webpart 'SPS Quick Launch Web Part'.

  9. The SPS Quick Launch webpart can be setup with Edit Web Part properties :

  1. Showing view what you have selected #1

  2. Showing view what you have selected #2

  3. Showing view what you have selected #3


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